We Help and Care

Who we are


Who We Are

We Help and Care (WHC) is a non-profit charity supporting operations in Southeast Asia, especially in Myanmar.

Through our activities we try to help people in need, regardless of their origin, religion or status. We want to improve the world within our sphere of influence and offer our charities a better future.

Our help should be direct and not bureaucratic, therefore we cooperate with local organizations. Personal contacts and networks of our members with the local organizations are one of our greatest strengths.


Our background

On the night of February 01, 2021, events in Myanmar overturned. The military took power and almost ten years of democratization were abruptly interrupted.

The civilian population, with its 138 ethnic groups, has again suffered arbitrary violence since that time. This situation demands everything from the nationwide protest movements, which try to defend themselves against armed security forces primarily by means of civil disobedience.

Restrictions in telecommunications, the basic supply of electricity, water and food are the beginning of a humanitarian crisis in a country with more than 50 million inhabitants.

Myanmar people living abroad try to stay in contact with their families, relatives, acquaintances and friends in their home country and to support them in the best possible way. This is exactly where we as an association want to start and work with the existing networks of members even better and reach the people in need.

— Our Vision

Local communities free from hunger and threats; enjoying their peace and freedom; and be blessed with full access to quality health, education, shelter, protection and food.

— Who do we work for

Children, women, individuals and their families around the world especially in South East Asia and Myanmar, who are in need of urgent humanitarian and development assistance.

— Our Mission

Coordination and partnership with international and local organizations, directly contributing to local civil society networks through donations, capacity building and technology transfer.